Swiss Meringue Buttercream cakes are popular, but due to the nature of the coating, Taystful offer a creamy white buttercream finish instead (ie. without the whipped meringue component, which is too delicate to handle efficiently).

Swiss Meringue Buttercream is a very fragile, easily damaged (especially by humidity), and non-stable coating which has a low melting point and cannot be transported easily. It is also very messy to cut cakes coated in this. If there are flowers being inserted in to the cake, the meringue buttercream sometimes does not hold the flowers firmly and they can pull holes in the sponge.

With this in mind, Taystful would use buttercream made with top quality butter, icing sugar and vanilla (and white powder colour if a brighter white is required) to give the same, if not better, overall look.

Bear in mind, if you are looking for a very crisp look with clean lines, smooth surface and neatness, buttercream cakes of this type are not for you, and I'd recommend wholeheartedly to choose a sugarpasted cake - it can have either the rounded edges, or at additional cost, the sharp edges often seen now. 

If fresh flowers are used on buttercream cakes, they will have food safe plastic tubing on the stems protecting the inside cake from contamination (unless a florist has the full responsibility of applying the flowers), and discs of foodsafe pvc is sometimes used on particular types to stop the flower touching the icing. It may also be advised to venue staff to remove the buttercream where flowers have been inserted before cutting the cake up. 

It is very important to have a specific order with your florist or with me for the flowers, since the flowers play a large role in the overall vision of the cake. I will require contact details of your florist so I know what to expect when I arrive at the venue, or I can use my local award winning florist Something Special Flowers to provide the flowers, in which case I will ask them for a quote for your requirements. 

If you are in doubt or want to ask any questions about this please get in touch by emailing or fill in the contact form here.