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Taystful Chocolate Recipes

After spending many a year honing my skills and developing my chocolate making techniques, I have decided that it would be good to share my knowledge in e-book form from my personal experience. The advantage of this over paper publishing is that I can add short video introductions and instructions so that it makes it clearer to understand. It also means that I can update information readily, and if you’ve purchased the e-book, you can download any new information I have put on.

There will be various recipes to purchase individually and a 30+ page ‘Chocolate Making Handbook’ which holds a huge amount of crucial information needed to get the best out of your chocolate making experiences. It includes tempering chocolate, equipment required, ingredients, storage and shelf life, ganaches, decorating and colouring chocolates and troubleshooting....to name only a few elements!

I have tried to pinpoint the key elements and present them all in one place - some of which have taken me years to come across or practice - in the hope that you don’t have to search so far and wide to learn!

I look forward to receiving your indication of interest (no obligation to buy though, it’s just so I can let you know when they are available) by filling in the form below:


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